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Clean your body & mind in the beautiful surroundings of Zahora and return home with new energy and a clear mind!

Stress, inactivity, poor diet and many other challenges of modern life often result in the accumulation of toxins. It is essential to break the cycle of stress and dependence on saturated fats, refined sugar and carbohydrates, processed foods and general excess. In addition to breaking the cycle of craving food that undermines your health, in just five days a meditation and cleanse programme can do so much for your body and mind!

Our cleanses are very gentle; you will not feel hungry. This is not a juice, soup or extreme cleanse. We believe in having a balanced healthy diet eating a diversity of whole foods, giving our bodies all the nutrients that it needs.

During this retreat, you will receive an organic plant based menu, nutritionally dense and artfully prepared that will fuel your body and delight your senses. You will benefit from a specially designed menu with cleansing food, healthy snacks, organic raw juices and smoothies. All the meals served are free of gluten, dairy, refined sugars and processed food.

Yoga classes
Every day you will benefit from three yoga classes from Monday to Thursday (Pranayama class, gentle Hatha class in the morning and Restorative/Yin yoga classes in the early evening). On Friday morning you will have Pranayama class and gentle Hatha class.  All the classes are specially designed to support the elimination of toxins and to help you to feel deeply relaxed.

Meditation classes
Every day from Monday to Thursday you will benefit from two meditation classes. At CASARA WAY (Wellness And Yoga) we offer a variety of meditation classes designed to help students become more mindful, connected and self-aware. They are aimed at both beginners and experienced students. We will explore informal and formal mindfulness practices focusing on the breath, thoughts and emotions, meditations of loving kindness and self-compassion, as well as other practices designed to deepen your connection to your body, breath and heart. The classes are designed to increase awareness, ultimately strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves and with others.

For your five-day retreat you will benefit from a specially designed menu of whole foods, organic raw juices and smoothies, healthy snacks and detox water (Lemon Ginger Detox Water , Blackberry and Orange Detox Water , Lemon and Mint Detox Water, Apple and Cinnamon  Water, etc.).

Sample daily Schedule (Monday to Thursday)

  • Pranayama class, 10 – 15 minutes
  • Meditation, 15  minutes
  • Yoga, 75 minutes
  • Vegetarian Bruch
  • Free time/ beach time
  • Meditation,  20 – 30 minutes
  • Yoga Class, 60 minutes
  • Vegetarian Dinner
  • Workshops (2 days, 60 minutes)

Sample Friday Schedule

  • Pranayama class, 15 minutes.
  • Meditation 15- 20 minutes
  • Yoga, 75 minutes
  • Vegetarian breakfast

Please be advised that this sample schedule is subject to change.

What is included?

  • A welcome drink with a delicious basket of ecological fruits on Sunday
  • 5 vegetarian breakfasts from Monday to Friday
  • 5 vegetarian lunches from Monday to Friday
  • 5 vegetarian dinners with appetizers from Sunday to Thursday
  • Healthy snacks, fresh fruit, mineral water and infusions are available all day long
  • 5 Hatha Yoga classes of 75 minutes
  • 4 Yin Yoga classes of 60 minutes
  • 5 Pranayama classes of 10 – 15 minutes
  • 8 meditation clases of 15-30 minutes
  • 5 nights’ accommodation in fully equipped self-contained cottages with international TV channels, fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee-maker, kettle, toaster, juicer, blender, washing machine, iron, and alarm clock
  • All bedding and bath towels
  • Meditation and Healthy Living workshops
  • WiFi is available throughout the property